"Breakfast" Review: Fana Hues delves into the intricacies attached to letting go

Fana Hues - Breakfast

Since releasing her debut single ‘Notice Me’ last year, Pasadena, California-based artist Fana Hues has gone onto release her equally impressive debut EP ‘Hues’. The ten track project sees the singer-songwriter reflecting “on the complexity of human emotion”, and features highlights including ‘Icarus’, ‘Lay Up’, and ‘Desert Flower’.

The song is among a host of solo offerings from Fana Hues in 2021 and arrives on the back of the reimagined version of her track ‘Desert Flower’ featuring Mereba and her feature on Tyler, The Creator’s song ‘SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE’ from his latest album "CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST". More recently, she has teased her forthcoming project with the release of her new single ‘Pieces’. (COLORS)

Breakfast” sees Fana Hues pit nostalgia against life’s actualities, as varying degrees of mental fatigue are garnered in pursuit of the peace she longs to attain from an already concluded relationship.

Fana Hues reminisces repeatedly on her inability to rid herself of her previous lovers memory “But you stay, In my pretty little mind” , whilst also maintaining a sense of self awareness and transparency in the closing lines of various parts of this song “But I can't stay tethered to ,A past time of lullabies” and “I hate that, We're too lost to find us”. The ebbs and flo’s of her patterns of thought portray the complex nature of her feelings and underline her desire to move on despite in some ways still being affixed to her past.

The track features a warm drum and kick pattern that is carefully adjoined to a fitful cycle of gentle guitar chords to provide an open space for Fana Hues’ vocal delivery to truly shine.

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