Tracks of the week Reviewed: Fredo Bang, Lakeyah and Bree Runway

Fredo Bang - Click Up

Fredo Bang has had an incredibly productive last few years which have seen him release a new album every year since 2018. This has culminated in the release of the project “Steppa Music” on the 19th March of this year which featured contributions from the likes of Lil Baby, YNW Melly, Moneybagg Yo and Lil Durk. This week however Fredo Bang has debuted his latest single “Click Up” which utilised the talents of The Superiors, Figurez Made It, C4tbmb, Prodbyblack, and DKeyz in production.

Click Up” sees Fredo Bang address his bemusement at the inability of foes to recognise the calibre and strength of both himself and the unit he surrounds himself with. Constant references throughout the song are made to his spontaneous retaliations as he moves to elucidate his own threatening persona.

The track makes great use of an upbeat piano riff, trap hi-hats, a buoyant drum pattern and intermittent amped-up organ additions to create an instantly captivating rhythm

Lakeyah - Easy

"Easy” represents the latest release from the up and coming artist Lakeyah. The Quality Control signed artist has been steadily progressing in her short time period as a rapper. 42 Dugg and City Girl featuring on her previous project “Time’s Up” highlight that the Milwaulkee rapper is already beginning to gain the respect of her peers and is on track to continue her rapid ascent in the Hip/Hop space.

Easy” sees Lakeyah proudly proclaim her vocal prowess in a soundbite that moves to almost foreshadow her impending takeover of the rap world. Discourse pertaining to the lack of skill present in the current scene is steadily intersped with words on her expensive spending habits as Lakeyah continually drums in the idea of her self-assured sense of character. The key sentiments of the track can be seen to be encapsulated within the chorus as Lakeyah hones down on the lack of effort she required to attain the level of success and wealth she currently has “Youngest goin' in, bitch, I make it look light / Sixteen bars, sixteen G's easy / Two-tone for the frame, but the buffies all white / Yeah, bitch, I make it look easy, yeah / Bitch, I make it look easy, ayy

The instrumentation utilizes fast-paced trap hi hats , a punchy and up tempo bass sequence and an intermittent piano loop to provide the perfect backdrop for Lakeyah’s words to thoroughly resonate.

Bree Runway - HOT HOT

HOT HOT” represents Bree Runways’s second single of 2021 as it follows a remix to the song “ATM” as new found showcases of the Hackney-born stars talents. Fresh off her hugely successful “2000AND4EVA” debut album featuring her inspiration Missy Elliot, Bree Runway continues to mesmerize and captivate audiences with vibrant performances that look to bring her further into the public’s eye.

On the track “HOT HOT” Bree Runway said the following "I feel like this is the song everyone needs to hear as it gets hotter and the world eases up. This pandemic hasn’t been easy on the brain, and with being indoors wearing joggers 24/7, it’s been hard to feel like a hottie, so I’m hoping this track will help! Typically for me, it’s about reaffirming your power and believing in yourself cause "you can never do it like a Brenda." I want my fans to never feel afraid to hype themselves up, they’re the shit and they don’t need to wait for anybody to tell’em they are!" (1)

These thoughts are expressed within Bree Runway’s lyrics as she seeks to position herself as the blueprint of self-confidence, as she uses her abundant degrees of self-assurance to fuel that in others. The chorus provides the finest example of this “You think you hot hot / You ain't got it like me / Don't lie, baby, tell the truth / You think you what what? / All eyes on me, what you see is so incredible” as when the following words are repeated by others they can act as a metaphorical cloak that can only move to affirm and amplify one's character.

The melody present within this track leans heavily on a sample from Busta Rhyme’s smash hit “Touch It” as the subtly amped-up rendition of the original is the foundational sound that accompanies Bree’s vocal exploits.