Tracks of the week Reviewed: IYAMAH, Little Simz and Matilda Mann

IYAMAH - Clouds

Clouds' features on IYAMAH’s latest project ‘Tough Love’. This project cements a busy few years from IYAMAH who has dropped a project for the 3rd consecutive year with ”Tough Love” joining “Truth EP.1'' and “Truth EP.2” as growing examples of the Brighton-born stars exceptional vocal talents.

IYAMAH said the following on the project's concept “The concept of ‘Tough Love’ is like the conflict between the angel and devil. Love and pain, wanting one thing but knowing you need the other.”

I wanted to show it’s almost like the beginning and the end, the metamorphosis, and the start of something,” she continues. “The start of recognising my worth, and the ability letting go of addiction, dependency, being held down or restricted to and defined by one thing. There is more than searching for my roots, but also to see beyond and above expectations.” (1)

Clouds” sees IYAMAH detail her frustrations with regards to the stagnation her relationship had fallen victim to. She carefully deployed a wide range of weather related metaphors within her words to help depict her desire for dynamism and adventure ; as IYAMAH continuously emphasized the idea that one’s life is to be seized.

IYAMAH’s brand of therapeutic R&B coats this track as a measured drum and kick loop , percussion and intermittent piano riffs are utilized to cultivate a warm and reminiscent emotive space.

Little Simz - Woman

"Woman” will appear on Little Simz’s upcoming album “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”, and joins her previously released single “Introvert.” as early examples of music featured on the project. This project was produced by Little Simz and her regular collaborator Inflo, and it will feature guest appearances from Obongjayar, The Crown star Emma Corrin and Cleo Sol. “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert” is scheduled to be released on September 3rd via Age 101.

Little Simz said the following about the track “I love it when I see women doing their thing and looking flawless; I’m here for that!” Little Simz said in a statement. “It’s empowering, it’s inspiring; I wanted to say thank you and I wanted to celebrate them.” (2)

The mid-tempered soul infused track that is “Woman” can be seen to be an ode to women all over the globe, as glowing accolades are issued to women whose heritages range from the depths of West Coast Africa to the heart of New York City. Cleo Sol’s beautifully delivered chorus finely interspeeds Little Simz’s intricate verses, and in turn moved to perfectly encapsulate the tracks themes of both female resilience and empowerment “I love how you go from zero to one hundred / And leave the dust behind, you've got this / All action, no talk

Matilda Mann - My Point Of You

Matilda Mann follows up her previously released “Doomsday” with her latest track “My Point Of You” she had the following to say about the song “I wrote ‘My Point Of You’ about watching a friend of mine start doing all the things she loves doing again, after being with someone who slowly changed her. Growing back into yourself, and knowing you don’t need that person to make you happy, is the best part of a breakup. You’re coming back, they’re not.” (3)

My Point Of You” delves into the many facets of oneself that are recaptured once the union with a given spouse has ceased; as Matilda Mann details the beauty of internal realignment and true freedom in action derived from this parting. The track hinges on a very telling set of words that round out the chorus as Matilda Mann plays with the concept of being as she moves to hone down on the idea that it is herself and only her that is able to return. “And I'm not fazed by a different view (Ah, ah, duh-duh-dum) / 'Cause it's me who's coming back, not you

The instrumentation within this track is simple in nature, as it made great use of an nostalgic acoustic guitar melody which melded perfectly with Matilda Mann’s signature cadence, to allow the tracks messaging to take centre stage.

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