Tracks of the Week Reviewed : Megan Thee Stallion , Sam Smith , Kelly Rowland

Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Durk - Movie

Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Durk's combination resulted in the formation of the track "Movie" which is fresh off her debut album "Good News". The song saw Lil Durk move away from his signature autotune and general higher pitched sound to a lower base which in tandem with Megan's natural Texan twang allowed the two artists to seamlessly bounce off of one and other. Tay Keith's production was the cherry on top and this allowed Hip Hop's golden girl to add another hit to her growing collection.

Sam Smith - The Lighthouse Keeper

This new release from Sam Smith is called “The Lighthouse Keeper” and the song sounds almost fairytale inspired with the main rhythm of the song being very reminiscent of the track “True Love’s Kiss” from the movie Enchanted. The song sees Sam Smith portray himself as a lighthouse keeper who brings solace and safety to an individual stuck in a spot of bother at sea. The track is acoustic in large parts which moves to heighten the emotiveness and delivery of lines such as “Don't resist the rain and storm I’ll never leave you lost at sea

Kelly Rowland - Hitman

Kelly Rowland's new release is titled "Hitman" comes as part of NFL's Songs of the Season initiative which is a series where musicians create and deliver a song to be integrated into all NFL promotions for a respective month during the season. The song itself is infectious from the onset and its 70's inpired production featuring the union of an upbeat tempo and trumpets create a sound that transports you through time