Tracks of the Week Reviewed : Shawn Mendes, Celeste, Rema

Shawn Mendes - 24 Hours

The song "24 Hours" features on the newly released album "Wonder" which is Shawn Mendes' 4th Studio album. The song illustrates a young man head over heels in love as strong themes of marriage are present in the track. Lyrics such as “We could dance, you could throw the flowers” hone in on this point as this lyric is a direct reference to when the bride throws the flowers into the crowd. The synthezisers in the chorus mentally place you in a fallacy of both wonder and innocence as the instrumentals help to set the scene of a young man who makes the idea of arranging a marriage in 24 hours almost seem plausible.

Celeste - I'm Here

"I'm Here" is the latest in a long of singles released by Celeste in 2020 off the back of her successful debut album "Compilation 1.1". This song itself depicts her love for an individual who she has shared many fond memories with, but she still struggles to recognise where she stands with them. The juxtaposed degrees of certainty around the relationship can be seen in 2 outtakes from the track ; one in which she states "I know you'll be here when I look 'round , keeping your eyes on me" and in the other she says " When my shadow finds perfection, Only then you're truly mine".

Rema - Peace of Mind

Rema has just released the song "Peace of Mind" and in this song he eludes to a longing for freedom from life's many challenges ; this can be interpreted from lyrics such as "everyday man need to wake up to hustle oh". He himself goes onto state "In the song, I talked about how much I yearn for peace because of the thoughts and voices in my head due to what I’m facing personally and what my people are facing as well.” Rema continued, “So many bad things have happened, and I know many people can relate.” - Pitchfork

The lyrics are accompanied by gentle and hypnotic percussions that potentially foreshadow the ultimate feeling of freedom and lack of responsibility he's looking to attain.