Tracks of the week Reviewed: Mereba , PIE and Mustafa

Mereba - News Come

News Come” features on Mereba’s new seven-track EP titled “AZEB”. Mereba’s last project release was her 2019 debut LP, “The Jungle is the Only Way Out”. The album featured tracks including “Kinfolk,” “Heatwave,” and “Sandstorm,”.

The release is titled after the singer’s middle name, which means “where the Sun rises.” Mereba said the following on the project“This year has shown us that that is actually more of us than many people thought,” “I want to remind people of love, too. The very thing we deserve the right to do and to be.”

Laced in a calming mesh of guitars and percussion Mereba delves into her yearning for freedom amidst the digital ages unrelenting capacity to dismiss worldly issues ; as a staunch rebuttal to societal mirroring of new cycles is offered in a continued to fight to push through and enact change.

The rallying cry post bridge hones down and cements the key ideas within this track, as the urgency and intent attached behind grasping freedom is accompanied by a rise in the pace and intensity of the melody when the following is repeated “ I broke the chains, broke the chains, broke the chains off me

PIE - Solitude

Born in São Paulo, Brazil and now based in London, UK, rising artist PIE has got the best of both worlds with strong Latin and Bossa Nova influences, a dash of the unmistakable Brazilian groove whilst being heavily inspired by the ever growing UK Jazz scene.

Returning with her sophomore single ‘Solitude’, the release is a glowing addition to her discography, continuing on the narrative from her debut track ‘Apathy’.

Crafting her own intricate brand of alternative R&B and contemporary soul, PIE is rapidly showing her potential to be one of the UK’s most exciting newcomers.

Reflecting on her new single PIE explains: “The opening line for the track “She had it coming to her but she is too independent” introduces my reflection upon the process of getting to know the true meaning of solitude, the most valuable gift a heartbreak can give you, the lonely path to yourself. The track contains excerpts of the real phone call that triggered the creation of the song, bringing the listeners close to my own experience in an attempt to tell a story that may have happened elsewhere, in a different time and place.”

The track itself represents these ideas as PIE draws attention to the idea of a forced emotional recluse ; as a love that once served her now looks to be both suffocating and exhausting.

The track backdrop is mid tempered and subtly upbeat in nature as a fine meld of percussions, a saxophone and distorted synths are used to help shape PIE’s ever growing unique brand of Alternative RnB.

Mustafa - Come Back

Come Back” features on Mustafa’s latest newly released EP “When Smoke Rises” which is a collection of songs detailing the intricacies about life — and death — in his hometown; the title refers to the rapper Smoke Dawg, a close friend who was killed in 2018.

Come Back” sees Mustafa desperately attempt to recapture the joys of old, as he wistfully laments on time periods where naivety sheltered his mind from the hardened depths of modern day society.

The tracks sombre instrumentation somewhat mirrors the introspective nature of the lyricism, as it’s slow and measured nature leant heavily on a thought provoking piano chord progression.