Tracks of the week Reviewed: Andra Day, Cautious Clay and Matilda Mann

Andra Day - Phone Dies

The single “Phone Dies” is the latest release from the Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner that is Andra Day. The track is her fourth release of the year and follows the three singles ("All of Me" , "Strange Fruit" and "Tigress & Tweed") that were released as a part of "The United States vs. Billie Holiday" soundtrack. The single was also produced by Anderson .Paak and published via Warner Records.

“Phone Dies” sees Andra Day enthusiastically buy into the concept of love and affection within the fine confinements of her battery life. Exorbitant degrees of intimacy are signed off with a caveat of impermanence as Andra hones down on her desires for a both fleeting and passion pervaded encounter. These sentiments lace a majority of the lyricism but they can be acutely found present within the closing lines of the 1st verse “Ain't nothing coming between / Link is so powerful / Until the power goes

The track can be seen to feature an underlying blend of jazz and soul and utilise soft percussion, layered piano riffs and later added trumpets to help cultivate this sound.

Cautious Clay - Karma & Friends

Karma & Friends” is the latest release from the talented Cleveland native Cautious Clay, this song comes on the back of his announcement of the summer release of his first full-length album “Deadpan Love”, the album is scheduled to arrive on June 25 via The Orchard and it will feature “Dying in the Subtlety,” “Agreeable,” and “Roots” which Cautious Clay released as singles last year. This new album will also see Cautious Clay collaborate with co-writers such as Tobias Jesso Jr., Jim-E Stack, and Daniel Nigro. Deadpan Love will also feature the track “Strange Love” which saw Cautious Clay combine with Saba.

On the album itself he said the following “Deadpan Love explores the ways I cope with the worst of what humanity has to offer,” Cautious said in a statement. “It’s about opposites—having an outer layer that’s tougher, this “deadpan” state, and an inner layer of compassion, where you’re open to being there for the people you care about. It’s this warring compassion and cynicism that has empowered me to express myself through this medium.” (1)

Karma & Friends” sees Cautious Clay depict the story of a man of whom is aware that a woman's advances upon him are partook under the guise of attempting to accrue monetary reciprocation. He makes these ideas apparent throughout the track and punctuates them within the chorus when he states “I'm not so impressed, my love / I know what you're after

Strawberry Benz / You can't even expense my love / I know what you're after

The instrumentation is extremely refined in nature and comprises pitched up synths , a steady drum pattern, a pensive lower register piano chord progression and other subtle elements in the cello and violin.

Matilda Mann - Doomsday

Doomsday” is the latest single West London artist Matilda Mann has brought out. Her steady accession has seen her release 2 EPs ( “Because I Wanted You To Know” and “If That Makes Sense”) within 2020 that both moved to display her soothing vocal tones and incredible song writing ability.

On the song Matilda Mann said the following “‘Doomsday’ was written in December in lockdown. During that time, we really had to cling onto the small things in life, and sometimes it just felt like it was never going to get better. So ‘Doomsday’ was written to help people feel that during the worst times, things are going to get better. We have each other and the small things that make life good.” (2)

The track adeptly reflects these thoughts as Matilda Mann used the idea of eternal damnation to muster an element of joy through rapidly fast tracking the process of coupling with a significant other. Over an ever-present guitar melody and subtle soft coos Matilda further developed on this notion ; as within the chorus she can almost be seen to relinquish all elements outside of her control and bring careful attention to those of which lie present within her realm. “Before the world is doomed / I hope I get to live a life next to you / Before we're all to blame / I hope I get to feel a little passion and shame / And when time is up / It's you I wish I never should have never given up