Tracks of the week Reviewed: BROCKHAMPTON, KIRBY, Sonder and Jorja Smith


Brockhampton’s track “The Light PT.II” features on their newly released 6th studio album “Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine”. 2 years removed from their previous album “Ginger” Brockhampton are now much changed given the expulsion of member Ameer Vann. Kevin Abstract also stated that this project will be the groups penultimate body of work with another album scheduled to come out later this year.

The Light PT.II" features two of Brockampton’s most prominent members in the shape of Joba and Kevin Abstract. Kevin Abstract discussed a multitude of themes as he manages to touch on his sexuality , race relations with law enforcement and his relationship with his mother whilst Joba delivered a heartfelt verse directed at his father of whom passed away as a result of suicide. Joba can be seen to be questioning both the fallacies attached to living and life after death ; as well as also detailing the pride and admiration he feels towards his father. The track hinges on a powerful chorus delivered by Joba as he almost attempts to offset the passing of his father “The light is worth the wait, I promise/ Wait, why can’t you do it? / The light is worth the wait, I promise / Wait, screamin' "Please don't do it" / The light is worth the wait, I promise / Wait, why did you do it? / The light is worth the wait, I promise / Wait, screamin' "Please don't do it"

The melody accompanying the words comprises a steady guitar riff ,soft coos and a faint drum pattern as a pensive and contemplative sonic environment is created to allow Joba and Kevin Abstract’s words to truly be felt.

KIRBY - Boyz II Men

Up and coming R&B artist KIRBY has just released the track “Boyz II Men”. Previously she had found great success as a songwriter, earning credits on Ariana Grande’s “Break Your Heart Right Back,” Paul McCartney, Kanye West, and Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds,” Beyoncé’s "Die with You" and Brandy’s “Beggin and Pleadin,” among others. Her rise in the music space fully took shape last year with the release of her debut album “Sis.” , which ended up having two singles feature on the soundtrack for the fourth season of hit TV Show “Insecure”. Her enigmatic COLORS performance and listing as one of Rated’s 11 R&B Artists to Watch in 2021 highlight the large degrees of potential that lay present within the songwriter turned singer that is KIRBY.

Boyz II Men” sees KIRBY discuss her growing frustrations with the immaturity of the men she crosses paths with, as a slew of anecdotes are brought forward with every last story punctuated by the incompetence of the opposite sex. A reference to Erykah Badu’s track “Tyrone” is included to hone down this point “Badu tried to warn me 'bout these Tyrones, baby” as KIRBY’s growing exasperation with her misfortune culminate with the following words being uttered in the chorus “All I know is, oh I'm so tired of men actin' like boys (Oh-oh, oh-oh) / Ooh, baby, I'm so tired of men actin' like boys (Oh-oh, oh-oh) Ooh, hey

The track benefits greatly from Spencer Stewart’s production as she creates a backdrop that is deeply soul and funk infused. The track utilises a bass guitar riff, accompanying backing coos, a glockenspiel and a smooth drum pattern to help cultivate this sonic environment.

Sonder ft Jorja Smith - Nothing But You

The R&B trio comprised of Brent Faiyaz and producers Atu and Dpat “Sonder” combined with Jorja Smith for the release of the track “Nothing But You”. This is the second single Jorja Smith has put out in the past month, following her previous track “Addicted”. Brent Faiyaz himself has maintained a steady release cycle since the debuting of his 2020 album “Fuck The World” with a pair of solo singles “Eden” and “Show U Off” ; he also joined forces with Tyler, the Creator for the single “Gravity”.

Nothing But You” depicts the story from a man’s perspective of a love that was mutually shared but has now regressed into an unrequited oblivion. The inability of the male protagonist to quell his lovers pain combined with the upheaval he is stated to have caused her, result in a damning conclusion made at the end of the second verse ; questioning whether permanent separation is the only entity that can grant both parties any degree of solace “ I wonder if the only peace we'll find / Gonna be when you tell me, "Goodbye"?”

The instrumentation of this track is simple in nature and features an ever present guitar loop with intermittent light atmospheric coos to allow the lyricism within the track to take centre stage.