Tracks of the week Reviewed : Ghetts, Stormzy, Robin Thicke , ZAYN and Syd

Ghetts ft Stormzy - Skengman

Ghetts and Stormzy combined for the song “Skengman” which is a single due to feature on Ghetts’ new album titled “Conflict of Interest”. This follows "Mozambique" with Jaykae and Moonchild Sanelly, “Proud Family'' and "IC3" with Skepta as singles Ghetts has released from his highly anticipated album. Stormzy however is fresh off debuting the remix to the popular Ghanaian drill song “SORE” with YAW TOG.

The lyrics see both Ghetts and Stormzy rap about their gang lives and street violence and this theme was apparent almost immediately as just after the opening chorus Ghetts went on to state “Gloves, mask, jet black coat / Man do dirt then head back home”. Stormzy doubled-down on this sentiment by delivering a hard-hitting verse which most interestingly featured the following lines “Could talk about the kettles on the counter / But you know about the kettles on the counter / Look, I love a real-life encounter / It's funny on the phone you're a shouter”. This being the first time Stormzy has addressed Chip in song after a string of Chip disses following Stormzy’s visit to his home mid last year. It should also be noted the final verse featured Ghetts' alter ego "Ghetto" which signalled a return to his signature flow.

The production perfectly reflects the dark grime theme present within the lyricism as the instrumental features eerie and almost sinister beat components with a soft drum pattern intersped with horns and soft white noise.

Robin Thicke - Beautiful

Robin Thicke’s new single “Beautiful” joins “Forever Mine” and “What Love Can Do” as singles that will feature on his upcoming album. The song will be included on the album titled “On Earth, and In Heaven” which is set to be released on February 12th.

The lyrics themselves reflect a man who seeks solace in a woman who's sheer beauty can be seen to dissipate all the suffering he feels ; this is evident in the following words “I don't know what to do with this pain I'm in (Oh, oh, oh) / So hold on a little tighter, ooh / Leave the world a little lighter, babe / Make the bad all go away”. The chorus then moves to re-emphasise this theme as Robin goes on to say “Sometimes, life's too much for me to take (Shu-bop, bop) / Sometimes, my heart only wants to ache (Shu-bop, bop) / I look in your eyes, your smile reminds me what love's about”.

The production is heavily influenced by old school soul with the Doo Wop sound being evident within the horn arrangements. The soft howling repetition of “Shu-bop, bop” can also be heard in the background which creates a late 50’s and early ’60’s Motown type of feel.

ZAYN ft Syd - When Love's Around

ZAYN and Syd combined for the track “When Love’s Around”. This track is part of his new album “Nobody Is Listening” which is the third studio album he has released.

The track itself sees ZAYN and Syd trade verses about the sanctity and discovery of love and the importance of being patient in its development to reap its full rewards. This most evident when Syd states “Mm, ever been in love? / Ever really loved someone? / People tend to rush / People tend to run to love / Only takes a woman / To show you what it means to love, love” The song especially benefits from the addition of Syd who added her Neo-Soul feel and sultry voice to an already soothing instrumental infused with light percussions and a gentle drum pattern.