Tracks of the week Reviewed: Jessie Ware, Migos, KennyHoopla and Travis Barker

Jessie Ware - Pale Blue Light

British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware has just released the Platinum Pleasure Edition of her critically acclaimed album “What’s Your Pleasure?”. It features six new tracks including her pulsating 2018 disco single “Overtime” and a previously released remix of “Adore You,” featuring Chinese singer Bibi Zhou.

On her growing homage to disco music Jessie Ware said the following “I wanted it to have a bit of filth and seduction and suggestion and persuasion. I wanted it to feel like those clubs you have been to that aren't necessarily Studio 54. I wanted those grand moments, but I also wanted those down-and-dirty interactions and the cheek of it. I think that's what people have really dug.” (USA Today)

"Pale Blue Light," sees Jessie Ware discuss her longing for spontaneity and her outright rejection of every facet attached to rigidity, as an almost whimsical degree of love is expressed where fleeting current moments are deeply cherished and futures unknowns are seen to pale into insignificance.

The Prince inspired "Pale Blue Light," utilises a slowed Berlin-style synth-pop sound, as this new age disco ballad made use of a measured drum and kick pattern alongside subtle string arrangements and intermittent percussion to piece together a nostalgic body of work.

Migos - Handle My Business

Handle My Business” features on the Migos new album “Culture III”. The album includes features from Cardi B, Drake, Justin Bieber, the late Juice WRLD, Future, and more. The project comes 3 years after “Culture II” and within this time period each member of the Migos released an individual project of their own.

“Handle My Business” sees the Migos discuss their lavish lifestyles , humble beginnings and threatening demeanours as they look to cement their return as a group with the very essence that nurtured their legacy in the first place.

The backdrop is punctuated by trap hi hats, sliding 808s and a muted piano riff as producer Oz creates an atmospheric and vibrant feel ideal for the Migos members to deliver their hard-hitting verses.

KennyHoopla and Travis Barker - 9-5 (love me) //

9-5” features on Wisconsin native’s KennyHoopla latest album “SURVIVORS GUILT : THE MIXTAPE//” the project sees KennyHoopla dive further into pop-punk, and the talents of blink-182’s Travis Barker definitely helped accentuate the authenticity of the now reborn and revamped genre.

On the project Kenny Hoopla said the following “I’m trying to capture the feeling of being in love for the first time… It’s not necessarily me trying to go back, but instead making a new [nostalgia], which is living in the moment.” (NME)

The track “9-5” sees KennyHoopla personify working hours as structures of order he wants his lover to break free from ; this to allow both parties to truly immerse themselves within a mutually beneficial state of infatuation.

The instrumentation is measured in nature and splits itself between ballad adjacent progressions in the verses and pop-punk elements within the chorus.