Tracks of the Week Reviewed : Kid Cudi, H.E.R. ,CHIKA

Kid Cudi - The Void

"The Void" features on Kid Cudi's highly anticipated album "Man on the Moon III: The Chosen" which may be seen to tie together the trilogy of Man on the Moon albums that started all the way back in 2009 with the classic "Man on the Moon: The End of Day". If the "to be continued" whispers from his daughter on the albums closing track "Lord I Know" are anything to go by ;Kid Cudi may have a bit more in store with regards to the Man on the Moon series. In this track in particular Kid Cudi articulates his struggles with mental health and how he will do virtually anything to avoid falling victim to depression again. The Void can be looked at as a metaphorical safe space where he is free from the shackles of public perception and negative energy. It also feature his unique brand of Psychadelic Rap as he's able to flow on this spacy instrumental and provide a musical experience that creates a sanctuary and place of refuge for the listener.

H.E.R. - Hold Us Together

"Hold Us Together" is part of the soundtrack for Disney's "Safety," which is a Disney+ film about a teenage football player who puts his scholarship in jeopardy to take custody of his 11-year-old brother. The song is far removed from H.E.R's usual R&B or R&B adjacent feel as this track is more of an uplifting ballad with very distinct Gospel influences. The lyrics themselves elude to safety being sought from a God like persona; this evident in the following lyrics "You're the keeper, protector, It is you that holds us together. When everything else fails us,It is you that holds us together". The production provides the clearest confirmation of the Gospel influences in this track as the layering follows the blueprint of many successful Gospel songs with Tasha Cobbs' "Fill Me Up" being an example of this style of production. The song goes on to feature a choir intersped with claps finished off with amazing runs from H.E.R. , which tie together an amazing feel good song that moves to fully highlight the depths of H.E.R's vocal range.


CHIKA has come out with her new track "FWB" which is a slight movement away from her usual upbeat and funky sound. "FWB" comes just weeks after CHIKA was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2021 Grammy Awards; it brings together an all around successful 2020 for her given the rave reviews her debut EP "Industry Games" received.

On the song itself CHIKA speaks of her longing for a quasi-intimate relationship as the popular term and title of this song ("Friends with Benefits") sets the theme and drives a majority of the lyricism present within the track. Lyrics such as "I just need a lover and a friend to pass the time, A bed to crash tonight" are accompanied by smooth R&B instrumentals mixed in with slowed down trap hi-hats to allow CHIKA to fully dictate the mood the track sets.