Tracks of the Week Reviewed : Lady Leshurr, GoldLink , Ari Lennox and Alicia Keys

Lady Leshurr - D.I.V

Lady Leshurr followed up her freestyle "Astronaut" with the track "D.I.V" ; this being a diss track aimed at Ivorian Doll. Lady Leshurr first dissed Ivorian Doll in January 2019 on "HORRID", but Ivorian Doll didn't respond until October of this year in her Daily Duppy where she stated "Screaming my name when I don't know you.This b*tch is a dog, I'ma leash her too".

Aggravated by these comments Lady Leshurr waited for Ivorian Doll's birthday to release her response which completed a strange karmic cycle after Ivorian Doll released her Daily Duppy insulting Renee on her birthday. She wanted us to know this sentiment was no accident as she went on to state "Throw your cake on the floor now its dirty". The track itself includes various digs at Ivorian Doll delivered with her disitinct use of wordplay. She flowed incredibly over an instrumental made up of trap hi-hats intersped with deep bases which fully complimented her signature brummy cadence.

GoldLink & Ari Lennox – Sorrow, Tears & Blood

"Sorrow, Tears & Blood" is a new song from GoldLink and Ari Lennox that is part of the new compilation album "Stand Up" which was produced by the Grammy Award winning artist Raphael Saadiq.

The album features a range of contemporary artists such as Raphael Saadiq, Lucky Daye, Masego, PJ Morton, Jordin Sparks, Tori Kelly, and many more ; and the music on the project is heavily influenced by iconic tracks from the past. This track follows similar suit as it is a remake of the legendary Fela Kuti's original of the same titled song from 1977, the lyrics in this track detail the criticisms Fela had of the South African apartheid regime and of the atrocities they inflicted on black communities in the townships. ‘Sorrow Tears and Blood’ was also written to help expose, communicate and challenge the police brutality that Nigerian citizens were experiencing at the hands of the state. The song was more than done justice as GoldLink's incredible flow was met by Ari Lennox's smooth and flawless singing voice. All of the original instruments were kept and this featured Traditional African percussions, Trumpets, the Maracas amongst many more which allowed the song to maintain its funky theme and infectious identity.

Alicia Keys ft. Diamond Platnumz, Kaash Paige - Wasted Energy

"Wasted Energy" is a remix of the same titled original track that features on the deluxe edition of Alicia Keys' 7th studio album "ALICIA". The lyrics of this song recount a story of an individual who is suffering at the hands of somebody else's indecision in love. Lyrics such as "Too many times, you turned a blind eye to the way I feel/ Oh, you're the reason why I'm numb / And when I try to give you my time, it's never, ever ideal / Had to learn it the hard way, oh yeah" provide a clear example of this and Alicia doubles down on this theme in the chorus by stating her energy is being wasted as a result of this indecision. The reggae infused production adds real substance to this song as everything from its timbales led start to the dragged out reverb on the guitars within the chorus help to provide a musical experience like non other. Soft howling can also be heard in the background which is eerily reminiscent of 60s Motown. South London producer P2J also samples Red Rat’s dancehall classic “Tight Up Skirts” on this track ; the guest vocals from Tanaznian star Diamond Platnumz and R&B artist Kaash Paige add the finishing touches to accompany both Keys' sultry vocals and the incredible production.