Tracks of the week Reviewed: PawPaw Rod, Biig Piig, Lil Wayne and Polo G

PawPaw Rod - Glass House

Glass House” represents the second single of the Oklahoma native PawPaw Rod’s young career. The instant success attached to his 60s groove inspired debut single “HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS” left much to be desired from future displays of his talents, and “Glass House” has done nothing but cement the quality attached to his developing discography.

Funk and remnants of psychedelic soul coat the backdrop as PawPaw Rod moves to discuss spontaneity and uncertainty ; as the unknown is embraced and all facets of control are seen to be relinquished.

Biig Piig - Baby Zombies

Baby Zombies” features on Biig Piig’s new EP ‘The Sky Is Bleeding’ and it moves to be the latest addition to the musician’s both unorthodox and incredible discography.

'The Sky Is Bleeding’ is a project dedicated to Biig Piig’s “sxc dom phase”. Speaking about her sexual awakening on the EP, Smyth says: “I’ve let myself be free and open about situations and fantasies of mine… I wanted to take the listener as close as I could to some of the intimate and vulnerable places I go alone”. Biig Piig adds. “My sexuality and secrets I wanted to take the listener as close as I could to some of the intimate and vulnerable places I go alone.” (DIY MAG)

The tracks instrumentation is heavily grunge inspired and leans heavily on a tempered drum and kick combination. Within the song Biig Piig welcomes adventure and delves into the use of psychedelics to heighten lust infused settings, as combinative freedom is seen to lace a majority of the tracks lyricism.

Polo G, Lil Wayne - GANG GANG

GANG GANG” is the latest single released by fast rising artist Polo G who is still fresh off his first No. 1 hit “Rockstar” which debuted at No. 1 the Billboard Hot 100 in April and subsequently spent two weeks in that spot. Polo G benefited from the support of Lil Wayne on this track and it is also set to appear on his upcoming album, “Hall of Fame”, which is set to arrive this June.

Polo G discussed his ascension to stardom, accrue of wealth and his loyalty to his friendship groups with the support of weather related metaphors. Lil Wayne paid homage to greats in Rick Pitino or John Calipari as he discussed his leadership credentials and his ability to propel his peers to higher heights

The track is intensely nostalgic in nature, making great use of a sombre piano chord progression that are supported by trap hi hats and 808s.