Tracks of the Week Reviewed : Willow Smith , Arlo Parks , Miley Cyrus

Willow and Jahnavi Harrison - Gajendra

The song "Gajendra" is fresh off Willow Smith and Jahnavi Harrison's new joint EP titled "R I S E" the themes of this project center around peace and spirituality and this is beautifully depicted in a blend between Sanskrit and English. The song itself eludes to a longing for strength and guidance from a higher power. The phrase "Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya" featured on this track on mutiple occasions and this is one of the most popular Hindu mantras. It directly translates to "prostration to Vāsudeva" who is variously known as Krishna and he tells his devotees to abandon all varieties of duties or desires and just surrender unto him and that he will deliver them from all sinful reaction. The essence of this song can be captured in this beautiful phrase alone ; the mixture of Willows melodic vocals , the soft strumming and violins add the right level of texture to send you into a trance as you enjoy this beautifully constructed track.

Arlo Parks - Caroline

Arlo Parks has added another great track to her catalogue in the shape of "Caroline" ; this song really highlights her ability to tell stories through music and this prowess is evident in this song as over the gentle bass and subtle guitar rifts she quite clearly details a conversation she hears between an artistic couple that escalated into an argument. This single will appear in her hotly anticipated debut album "Collapsed in Sunbeams" which is scheduled to be released on January 29th 2021.

Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

“Plastic Hearts” is the second song from Miley Cyrus' same-titled studio album Plastic Hearts. This song shines the light on an internal feeling of emptiness and a longing for emotional fulfilment which is highlighted by lyrics such as "I just wanna feel somethin" and "Love me now, but not tomorrow. Fill me up, but leave me hollow". The juxtaposition between her vocally expressed lack of feeling and the tracks up tempo and energetic nature do also add an enigmatic element to the track. The careful blend of the percussions and the guitar add an extra layer of depth to make this track an instant head turner and a sure fire way to add energy into any room that is lacking it.