‘Verbal Warnings’ Review: Cody Frost looks to strike back against order in her debut single

Cody Frost - Verbal Warnings

Cody’s lyrics are born from her own experiences as the track ‘Verbal Warnings’ serves as a direct message from Cody to a boss who assumed that she’d tolerate his superiority complex for the sake of employment.

She went on to say “I used to work in a kids soft play area that was part of a pub, my boss there was an absolute douchebag who just lived for his job, which made me so angry. The only way I could channel that anger was to write a song about him and people like him in general - those people who think they’re superior to you because they’ve got a company car and think they’re set for life.”

The lyrics present within the track echo these ideas clearly as Cody embarks upon a vocal tirade which addresses her frustrations with the situation at hand. The song hinges on a powerful repetition of “Yeah, we’re gonna break it down, down, down / Down, down, down” within the chorus which can be perceived as a reference to the hierarchical structures that have created the environment for her boss to speak to her in such a manner.

Sonically this track features an intriguing blend of Electro-Pop and Punk as a Synth Pad, a heavy bass loop and accompanying Verse Plucks were utilised to construct the canvas to allow Cody’s hard hitting words to truly resonate.

Although she’s just 21-years-old, Cody already has a wealth of experiences to draw on. She grew up in Burnley, where she lived in a pub that was subject to repeated break-ins. That manifested itself in insomnia, which in turn led to depression and anxiety. She never felt safe, so always had a baseball bat to hand.

Her escape was music, and by her early teens she was posting covers of songs by Frank Ocean, Nirvana and Slipknot to YouTube. She soon became a regular busker in the centre of Manchester. She didn’t have a microphone, so needed to belt out performances to gain attention and to make money, in the process developing a skill that is now a real asset.

It wasn’t until her later teens that she was diagnosed with ADHD. She admits that she had been struggling with day-to-day life, from lacking concentration in college to poor time-keeping, and that diagnosis set her on the path to a new start. It resulted in a new found clarity of she wanted to do creativity and how to focus on developing her music.

That creativity was realised with the help of Dan Weller, whose previous work includes production for Cody’s favourite band (and dream collaborators) Enter Shikari and co-founding the cult metal group SikTh. Together they’ve created a selection of songs which Cody is preparing to unleash, which touch upon everything from punk to drum ‘n’ bass.

Outside of music, Cody further expresses her creativity by working as a tattooist. She often showcases her work on Instagram, such as this portrait of The Joker.





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